Sunday, January 25, 2009

Omy Gods!

Oh for my goodness! I am featured on the Hoverboys page!

For celebrations I wrote letters to all my Buckethead members using my classic from radio show ring for decoding! I will post one here for you!

9 1/13 19/15 8/1/16/16/24?25? 20/15 2/5 6/5/1/20/21/18/5/4 14/15 20/8/5 8/15/22/5/18/2/14/24?25? 16/1/7/5!

I love my ring even if the green is left on my finger and I like to write poems with it. I read one, though, at my last show and only three people had rings. I cry, but I go on and then I have a coffee.

I am so happy of my hover notice.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

While I was Gone.

Okay, so I haven't been here and you are wondering why there are no posts or anything. I have been depressed. I keep waiting. I hear that there will be a Hoverboy TV show or something. Then I hear that it's not. Then I hear that it will star David Duchovny, which makes me want to weep with mostly sadness and a little bit of joy. Then I hear that he will have a muscle suit and form fitting bucket hat. What? Hoverboy is not some toy for you to play with!!


Anyway, I am currently leading a petition to get the real Hoverboy back to TV.

Who is with me?

That was a link to it. I guess I should have warned you. Okay, I will post it again. Here is my Hoverboy petition.

I am sorry for the so long of posts. I will be more vigilant in the future.


PS: The local meeting of Bucketheads has been moved to Tuesday this week because they need the storage room for valentines theme popcorn boxes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My cast

I was trying to save my cast for to put on eBay for the Save Hoverboy fund, but the doctor who is my cousin broke it. Now my leg is better so I have a new show at this week's AA meeting at Frankland Seniors Home. I love these shows because old men know the best Hoverboy stories. Also, they tip me with hard candies.

Now I will be back more.


Monday, March 10, 2008

The Fall

Okay, so I was doing my piece, The Blind Bucket, when I fall over my self. I could not see for the bucket and the stage was slippy from the cole-slaw. I was about to sing my new song and whoops, off I fall. Now I am home with a sprained leg knee and am just reading my old Bucketboy Digests. The one where the other mini-hero boy likes the same girl so the have a box-car race. I laugh and the neighbour bangs the floor. I will get better and I will be back. Like when Hoverboy came back from communism and it turned out he was a spy.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Leaves of Metal - a love poem to Hoverboy

Here is the poem from page 131 of my book. For more you must buy the book.

Leaves of Metal

Leaves of metal
Stay with me
I cannot see
Wills you not
And float with me
And cut eye holes
1 2 3
One for third
The eye that knows
What's hidden
Underneath his clothes
The body of
A man/
A head
Like pea soup
In a can

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What is the Bucket?

Okay, so I want to explain what is the Hoverboy bucket, as I see it. The bucket is the vagina. Hoverboy is not a full man. He is only part born, but his head is still in the bucket. He will never be fully free from his childness. He is in the security of the womb which is like his armour.

Soon I will post my poems for you.

Hoverboy Documentary

Hello Internetteraties,
I did not know when I was interviewed for the Hoverboy documentary that it would be so big. My friend said: they love you on the internets. I did not know this. So he showed it to me. It is amazing. So many ways to look. Now I go to our town's computer cafe and I am amazed even more. So I have started this blogthing to keep you abreast of my shows and media appearences and to update you on my art.

Next week at the Crouching Improv, I will be reading from my new book:
And Then I Hovered

It is all poetry. I will also have paintings to sell that I did on pennies (very small paintings) and my newest performance art. I plan to float over a chair for about half an hour. Then I eat pudding.

Also, when I call this blog Tart for Arts Sake, I mean Tart like sour, not Tart like dick-tease. I wanted to clear that with you.

Until next time:

PS: Here is the video. I am after the loud doctor and before the naked people.