Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What is the Bucket?

Okay, so I want to explain what is the Hoverboy bucket, as I see it. The bucket is the vagina. Hoverboy is not a full man. He is only part born, but his head is still in the bucket. He will never be fully free from his childness. He is in the security of the womb which is like his armour.

Soon I will post my poems for you.


Ty said...

Fruya, glad to see you joined us on the web.

You might recall, we sort of met briefly while all those people were filming the Hoverboy documentary, last year.
I was the guy with the meatball sub, that kept eating it during the "birth section" of the "Bucket Piece" performance. You commented about it three times from the stage...and you came over and told me how offended you were that I could eat during that piece, and you kept screaming that I was staring at you and not talking and was I a crazy kookoo bird or something?

Anyway, since I couldn't really talk with my mouth full that night, and you seemed to wander off confused, I thought I'd introduce myself here....the name's TY, and I'm the writer of the new Hoverboy comic. You know, I came to watch your show, mostly out of curiosity with the Hoverboy connection in your act (To be fair, I was waiting for you to take your shirt off, or set fire to something, like Yoko Ono or Darryl Hannah in that Redford movie).

At any rate, since meeting you at the shoot I became a fan, and you've probably noticed me at a couple of your recent shows. For anyone who hasn't seen this woman perform/create/exist on stage, you really should watch "Hover piece" in which she literally suspends herself in air over a chair, for what seems like three hours, but is, in fact about twenty minutes.

My only advice is don't bring meatball sandwiches (or, indeed, anything in the hot meat category) as a snack. There's a moment in "purge bucket piece" that does trouble the appetite. I made it through the sandwich, myself, but that's why they call them "heroes".

Anyway, nice to finally get to formally meet you, online.

Ty Templeton.

PS: I should point out, that right now, I'm eating a corned beef sandwich with a nice Dijon mustard on a marble rye.

Fruya Zakariassen said...

You were the bad meat man. I did not know you wrote the Hoverboy. Now I am maddened by it all. You help make my art and you help break my art.

Do you have loves?