Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hoverboy Documentary

Hello Internetteraties,
I did not know when I was interviewed for the Hoverboy documentary that it would be so big. My friend said: they love you on the internets. I did not know this. So he showed it to me. It is amazing. So many ways to look. Now I go to our town's computer cafe and I am amazed even more. So I have started this blogthing to keep you abreast of my shows and media appearences and to update you on my art.

Next week at the Crouching Improv, I will be reading from my new book:
And Then I Hovered

It is all poetry. I will also have paintings to sell that I did on pennies (very small paintings) and my newest performance art. I plan to float over a chair for about half an hour. Then I eat pudding.

Also, when I call this blog Tart for Arts Sake, I mean Tart like sour, not Tart like dick-tease. I wanted to clear that with you.

Until next time:

PS: Here is the video. I am after the loud doctor and before the naked people.

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